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Our Services


Health-Check of Bioregions

We offer a unique health check of the natural and social capital required to facilitate a transition to organic agriculture at the regional level. The assessment is based on clear and measurable criteria and parameters, resulting in separate natural and social capital assessments and an overall health check score. This analysis shows regional policymakers, farmers, or other organisations how far their region is from the broader adoption of organic farming and highlights the aspects they must focus on. Attractive, eye-catching dashboards are employed to enable easier communication of the results.


Networking & advocacy

It's in our DNA to link people, organisations, and initiatives. We are renowned for fostering connections and delivering top-tier premier networking and advocacy solutions. Whether you're a policymaker, NGO, researcher, or industry stakeholder, we can streamline your journey by connecting you with the right people, organisations, and fora to amplify and advocate for your mission. Let us empower your cause by connecting you with the right resources and opportunities.


Policy Analysis & Advice

We pride ourselves on providing superb policy analysis and strategic guidance to advance greener & healthier food and agriculture. We combine deep sector knowledge with a passion for environmental stewardship to deliver insightful analysis and practical recommendations.
Whether you're a government agency, agricultural organisation, or industry stakeholder, we offer tailored solutions to your needs and challenges. From navigating complex regulatory landscapes and economic and informative instruments to identifying opportunities for innovation, we can empower you to make informed decisions that promote sustainability and drive positive change.


Project Design & Evaluations

We can help you craft impactful projects and comprehensively evaluate your projects and programs on greener & healthier food and agriculture. From conceptualisation to implementation, we work closely with our partners to design projects that address key challenges and leverage opportunities for positive change while meeting donors' requirements. Furthermore, our rigorous evaluation processes ensure that projects achieve their intended outcomes and deliver measurable impacts. We have exceptional expertise and have particularly mastered designing and evaluating EU Horizon Europe Thematic Network project proposals.

Organisation of high-level events

Organisation of high-level

Since organising our legendary Rudolec event in 1993 − the first high-level conference on organic farming ever held (attended by several ministers and other high-level officials) − we have continuously been working on organising high-level events promoting greener and healthier food and agriculture. Contact us if you need help in organising similar events.

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