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Supervisory Board

Avalon Foundation is governed by a Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board safeguards the foundation's mission, vision, guiding principles and values. It sets the tone for the foundation's culture. The Supervisory Board ensures that the work of the foundation is accomplished according to the plan. It oversees its financial management and makes sure that its functioning is ethical and legal.

Alex has been (co-)chairman of the Avalon Foundation since 2000. He is an experienced businessman and financial expert who worked with Shell International for 15 years in various finance functions, in the Netherlands and abroad. After that he worked during 5 years in retail as a CFO and CEO for an international chain in fashion. Thereafter, 7 years in the media business as CFO of the media giant Endemol. Subsequently he was co-founder of a consultancy firm and worked as CFO at the EWT Wind Technology, one of the leading companies in the wind energy business.



Christa is an international lawyer, biochemist, and former diplomat with extensive experience in Asia, Africa, and Europe. She worked for the United Nations for 15 years as a conflict negotiator and senior political advisor in East-Timor, Indonesia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kosovo, Darfur, Nepal, DR Congo, Sudan and in New York. Previously she worked as deputy coordinator of the Task Force Sudan of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has an extensive experience with private foundations and was director of the Prince Claus Fund and senior director of Porticus. Christa was a co-founder of The Hague Center for Strategic Studies. She is now director of the International Campaign for Tibet-Europe. Her last book "The Red Bullet" addresses  the loving way of life of the Tibetan people and their resistance to Chinese repression.




Volkert is a former World Board Member of IFOAM Organics International; and founder and former CEO of Eosta – Europe’s leading distributor of organic fruits. In his early career he worked for Cargill Inc USA. He is a founder of a food transparency scheme called Nature & More, linking food sustainability to transparency and external (hidden) costs. Volkert now runs the Resilience Hub and Robin Food Coalition, a food transition network for one-health, social inclusion, and regenerative agriculture. Volkert and Eosta have been awarded with various prizes such as the Public Eye Award for corporate social responsibility at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Dutch Innovation Award, the #1 position at the 2017 Trouw Sustainability Top-100, the King William I Prize for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2018 and the European Business Award for the Environment 2019.



Supervisory Board

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